Six Simple Detox Tips

Did you know that one of the top New Years’ resolutions people make is to undergo a detoxification program/diet of some sort?

Yeah, you probably did.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you might even be white-knuckling your way through a regimented and restrictive plan as we speak.

A huge number of New Years’ detoxers fall off the wagon soon after hopping on – in most cases because they are taking an all or nothing approach. Simple and effective changes that are easily incorporated into your lifestyle are far easier to manage, and if you still feel the need to do a big cleanse, then you’ll be ready to take it on in Spring (who doesn’t feel the urge to purge in Spring…). 

1. water

When it comes to detoxing, it just makes sense – if you need to flush the toxins out then you need to drink plenty of pure water. Many common ailments such as headaches, skin problems, and digestive disorders can be helped by drinking enough water. It is also worth considering a filter, not just for the water we drink and cook with, but also the water we use to wash our skin and hair.

2. movement

The more we move, the more effectively the organs and systems of your body can function and cleanse. Just getting out there and walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day is enough to add years of great health to your life.

3. breathing

It is estimated that most people only use 10-20% of their full breathing capacity. Breathing correctly is essential to the filtering and removal of toxins via the lungs, circulation, and skin – so make sure that you set some time aside to practise conscious breathing on a daily basis. Check out your local library, the internet, or chat with a Yoga or Qi gong instructor for breathing tips.

4. whole foods

A cleaner body starts with the food we eat. Eating organic whole foods is great if the budget allows, otherwise check out your local Farmers’ Market for spray-free options. Home gardening is one of the best solutions, since it also incorporates movement, fresh air, and sunlight!

5. dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing helps to move lymph around the body, carrying waste and toxins out via the lymph nodes. Use a natural bristled brush and work from the soles of your feet, then buttocks and lower back, belly, upper back, chest, finishing from fingertips to upper arms. Always brush towards the lymph nodes (found in the neck, armpits, and groin) using a dry brush on dry skin. This technique helps with circulation, detoxification, removal of dead skin cells, improved skin texture, and immune support.

6. happiness

It’s easy to overlook how much an unhealthy relationship can impact on our physical health as well as our emotional state. Spending time in toxic relationships or investing energy in activities we don’t enjoy truly does take a huge toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Make time for doing that which you love, choose (or chase) a job or career that really lights your fire, and spend time with people who make you smile. Life is far too short for regrets.



Megan Sheppard is an aficionado of all things plant-based, particularly if it involves herbs and tastes delicious! She works as a Herbalist specialising in nutrition, and works freelance as a natural health author and advisor.
Megan’s herbalicious creations can be found at Wildflower Botanicals, a garden of organic and ethically sourced teas, chocolate, and other delights!

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