Dragon’s Blood! (Eye of newt, toe of frog?)

While it sounds as if it should come straight from a Harry Potter novel, Dragon’s Blood is actually a bright red resin secreted from the fruit Daemonoropsdracoand stems of a plant (Daemonorops draco). It is used therapeutically to arrest profuse bleeding, including haemorrhage. This means that it has been very popular for menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstruation), wound healing, swelling reduction, post-partum haemorrhage, and pain relief where haemorrhage, stagnation or obstruction of blood is the cause.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dragon’s Blood is used to remove blocked chi energy, often thought to be at the root of blood stagnation. Other herbs commonly used for this purpose include Cayenne pepper and Cranesbill (Alum root).

While many practitioners are afraid of using this herb during pregnancy, it can in fact help to prevent miscarriage, particularly in cases where spotting occurs. Of course, this is not something you would self-prescribe, rather you should seek the advice of a qualified and experienced herbal practitioner.

To arrest bleeding of a wound, or for nosebleeds, simply pack the wound with powdered herb/resin (you can combine this with cayenne and cranesbill – I also add goldenseal root to prevent infection where the wound is deep). Putting powdered herbs up the nose can be a little more difficult than in a wound, so in this case you would dip a dampened handkerchief in the powdered mixture and insert this into the nostril. Leave it there for 5-10 minutes before removing the handkerchief.

Wounds should be covered with gauze, and the dressings & herbs changed 1-2 times daily. Cayenne in an open wound is not nearly as painful or distressing as it may sound, and it has certainly helped to save lives in cases where the bleeding was severe and the location of the injured person was remote. Having said that, it can burn the more delicate nasal membranes, so for nosebleeds…if in doubt – leave it out!

Recurrent mouth ulcers are another health issue where dragon’s blood can help. Make a combination of dragon’s blood, frankincense and myrrh (you can use essential oils or resins for the last two ingredients) and apply with a cotton bud to the ulcer.

If you do want to use it as more of a magical ingredient, then Dragon’s Blood has long been used for space clearing, purification, and to promote luck, love, and success!



Megan Sheppard is an aficionado of all things plant-based, particularly if it involves herbs and tastes delicious! She works as a Herbalist specialising in nutrition, and works freelance as a natural health author and advisor
. Megan’s herbalicious creations can be found at Wildflower Botanicals, a garden of organic and ethically sourced teas, chocolate, and other delights!

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