Avoiding Dementia

blood pressure

Researchers in New South Wales are spreading the good news about dementia – one of the simplest ways to defend ourselves against dementia is to keep our blood pressure in check! Dr Michael Valenzuela of the University of NSW’s Regenerative Neuroscience Group (author of Maintain Your Brain) claims that “The number one thing a person can do to prevent dementia is to have their blood pressure checked regularly and if it is high, take measures to bring it under control”.

Once you hit your 40s, you can reduce the chances of dementia by getting your blood pressure checked annually to prevent irreversible damage to the blood vessels in the brain. Processed foods, sedentary lifestyles, and environmental toxicity (including pollution, household chemicals, and mercury amalgams) are implicated in neurological degeneration, so eating fresh, local organic or spray-free foods is a great start – plus eating this way helps to stabilise your blood pressure. There is a direct link between lack of minerals and oxygen to the brain and dementia-related illnesses. Oxygenating herbs such as gotu kola, black walnut, blessed thistle, damiana, and ginkgo biloba are also great alongside a healthy diet.

aluminium cookware

Gotu kola attaches to manufactured aluminium and helps to remove it from the body. Research has shown that aluminium is linked with Alzheimer’s in particular. When it is heated up, aluminium deposits get into the system via the bloodstream, and end up in the brain – where they inhibit bloodflow and therefore oxygen uptake. This leads to mental deterioration and disrupts the processes of memory, thought, cognition, movement and speech. Along with anti-perspirant deodorants, aluminium can also be found in baking soda, antacid preparations, shampoos, and food additives. Many people who are of the ‘baby boomer’ generation were exposed to much higher levels of aluminium as this metal hit peak popularity in everyday household items such as foil, pots and utensils, bakeware, and pre-made dinner containers.

switched onAt Wildflower Botanicals, we have created a tea specifically utilising botanicals which have been shown to help improve brain health and memory function – our Switched On herbal blend.
All profits from this blend are donated to the brilliant non-profit organisation, Quest Lifelearning Foundation.

Ingredients: yerba mate, brahmi, basil, cloves, ginseng flowers, ginkgo, gotu kola, spearmint, lavender.
Use 1 tsp per cup of water and drink up to 3 cups daily, as needed.
*Not recommended for use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding infants under 6 months.

quest  lifelearning


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