Tropical Beauty Smoothie

Today’s smoothie began with a young green coconut and half of a pineapple. I was thinking tropical beach treats, and then when I wandered into my garden to gather some herbs to add to the mix I was inspired by the most gorgeous fragrant roses. Roses are great for sensitive skin, very soothing, plus they might just carry a puzzle piece to the secret of youthful radiant skin in their blooms…

tropical beauty smoothie

Tropical Beauty Smoothie

water from a young green coconut (I got 3 cups worth – 750ml/25.36oz)
flesh from said coconut (1 cup in this coconut)
half a pineapple (skin removed)
2 bananas
sprig of mint
sprig of lemon verbena
petals from a single rose bloom (preferably a fragrant rose – check for aphids!)

Blend all of the ingredients together until you have a beaming yellow smoothie to nourish your skin and brighten your day. Each coconut is going to have a very different yield in terms of water and flesh – this one was particularly abundant and resulted in 8 cups/2litres/2 quarts of relatively thin smoothie. You could use half of the coconut water if you prefer a thicker blend, or perhaps your choice of coconut will deliver exactly what you need. Divine!


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