Wild Woman Green Juice

Okay, so while I foraged in the far flung corners of our property for the wild greens (chickweed and dandelion), the rest of the ingredients came from my garden.
To be fair, the garden IS looking pretty wild…

Wild Woman Green Juice

wild woman green juice

5 green apples
2 HUGE silverbeet leaves
generous handful of fennel fronds
30cm lemon verbena
generous handful of chickweed
8-10 dandelion leaves
1 lemon
4 celery stalks
½ cucumber
NOTE: makes about 800ml

This juice is surprisingly tasty. I will admit to being a little afraid of adding too much dandelion leaf…while it is a wonderful diuretic and also helps to purge toxins from the body, the peppery, bitter taste can be overpowering. Chickweed is a delicious wild green. Lovely to just snack on from the garden, but in my experience should never be added to a green smoothie – those fibres just don’t break down (even in my VitaMix!) and you end up with a ‘hairy’ drink. *shudder*. Lemon verbena is fantastic for mental health – as is lemon balm. The fennel is loaded with minerals and also great for digestion.


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