Salt For Health

There is a great deal of confusion as to whether or not salt should be included or excluded from a healthy diet. The answer lies primarily in the type of salt you have available. Iodised table salt with anti-caking or free-flow agents added? Best left on the supermarket shelf. Natural crystal salt? A valuable addition to the diet when used wisely.

It comes as no surprise that salt is important to our health when we consider that the human body is largely water and salt. In fact, natural crystal salt contains all of the natural minerals and trace elements found in the human body. Dr Wilhelm Schüssler, the founder of Schüssler Salt therapy, proved that the ashes remaining after a person is cremated are nothing but the salts of which the human body is made.

himalayan salt

Even the most basic of bodily processes require salt or its ionised elements – put simply, salt is responsible for enabling the electromagnetic frequency for thought to be transmitted to the muscles and organs via the nervous system, i.e. we would not be able to think or act without salt present.

Table salt contains highly toxic additives such as iodide compound and fluoride, along with unlisted preservatives like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and aluminium hydroxide. Effectively, table salt is a cellular poison which is stored by the body at enormous expense to our health.

The ‘good’ salt is natural crystal salt, which only occurs as a result of enormous pressure over millions of years, thus creating a crystalline structure where the elements are biochemically available to our cells. Rock salt, while superior to table salt, has not undergone sufficient pressure to create the crystalline grid or lattice – which simply means that the natural elements are too coarse and unrefined to be absorbed into our cells.

So which salt should you use? Himalayan crystal salt (a glowing pink colour) or Celtic Sea Salt (a greyish green colour) are at the top of the list, and regular sea salt only if it is absolutely impossible to source the other options locally.


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