New Packaging…

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are trialling new packaging. I LOVE the gift boxes with the round windows that we have been using for years, however they are not entirely practical for posting out, and they can’t be resealed once they have been opened. But yes, they did look gorgeous and are 100% biodegradable.

So, in with the new…

Excusing the image quality, here is a phone snap of one of the new packs of tea showcasing the vibrant Lemon Delight. The struggle was finding a design that resealed tightly and was eco-friendly. We found these biodegradable bags with plant-based cello strips. I’m not convinced that the actual resealable zipper part is compostable, but the rest of it definitely is. I would love to hear your composting stories on the new tea packaging.

Oh, while I’m still here – a great tip for keeping your tea fresh in the new bags is to keep them in the fridge – surprisingly this helps create the best possible seal with zipper-type closures PLUS the pantry moths and other kitchen crawlies will have a fair bit of trouble getting to them!

I shall end with an appreciative thank you to all of those gracious customers who have ordered in the last couple of months and have received orders in a couple of different packaging styles as we eagerly awaited the new bags.


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