Cloth Nappy Hunt

So many of you will have heard by now that we are proud to be a sponsor of the 12th Great Semi-Annual Cloth Nappy Hunt.

Okay, so how does the Cloth Nappy Hunt work?

It’s simple! You register, for FREE, anytime between now and the end of September, 2012. There are 5 Sponsors of the Day for the last 5 days of August – if you are quick you will catch the last two of these before we run out of August… These will be announced each morning from the 27th to the 31st at the cloth nappy hunt website, facebook page and via twitter. All you need to do is visit their site and look for the Icon to go into the draw for each of their prizes. This is a warm up for the main event which takes place during September.

Then, from 9am on September 1st (11am in NZ; 7am in WA!), you visit all of the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ nappy, to earn entries to win some of the $8500 in prizes, including Four Grand Prizes worth approx $300 and an Ultimate Grand Prize valued at $500!

This is the icon you will be looking for!

For more details about this great event, please visit the FAQ page and the Rules page.

To be kept up to date with all things Hunt related please join and/or

And to keep a track of all the latest specials being offered by the Sponsors make sure you follow!/ClothNappyHunt/huntsponsors
and opt in to the Newsletter when you register as a Hunter.

Registering to hunt also gives you access to the exclusive Discount Code allowing you to take advantage of all the specials.

So what are you waiting for – it is free, open to all residents of NZ and Australia, and you can win prizes whilst discovering fabulous small businesses… Happy Hunting!


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