We’re still here…well, now we’re there…

Okay, so we disappeared for a while there…shifting to New Zealand came with a few logistical challenges, and just to make things fun our website disappeared

baby seals in Ohau waterfall

baby seals in Ohau waterfall

into the ether some months ago leaving a mysterious line of code behind. None of my techxperts seem to be able to crack the code, so it is onwards and upwards to a totally new website! We are putting the finishing touches on it, and hope to have it ready to go in a couple of days (providing that the testing all goes well).

Kaikoura is beautiful, an absolute paradise to live in – despite the colder weather. We love visiting the baby seals in the Ohau waterfall just up the road (and around a few corners). Our new home-based shop sits between snow-capped mountains and native bushland, and is about 4 minutes walk to the sea.

We have been testing out some revised formulations using freeze-dried fruit so that we can still ship our teas into Western Australia, and so far so good – everything has passed through customs without a hitch. The freeze-dried fruit has amazing colour and flavour, and if anything it is an improvement on our original formulations…plus it means we have even more delicious ingredients to choose from, like the feijoa (otherwise known as pineapple guava) in our new and improved Autumn Spice blend.


Last but not least, we will be sponsoring the Great Cloth Nappy hunt this September – a fabulous way to discover what all of the amazing WAHM (Work At Home Mums…and a few Dads) are up to in New Zealand and Australia…more details on that soon!

Oh, and did we mention $5 flat rate postage to anywhere in Australia? We wanted to show how much we appreciate the loyalty of our Australian customers, and nothing says thank you like cheap postage and a good exchange rate!


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