Bare Feet and Knives!

Okay, so this post is not nearly as scary as it sounds – I just wanted to share two of my favourite things!

The first is Barefoot Running.

Ten years ago, almost to the day, I had an accident resulting in a broken tibia, fibula, and shattered ankle. Now held together by a titanium rod and a bunch of screws, the leg allows me to detect weather patterns and guarantees a full body search every time I fly. The one thing that has been out of the question is running (well, actually, skipping and jumping are off the menu too).

Up until the point at which I broke my leg, running for the love of it was something I stopped doing at around 5 years of age. I’m built for stamina, not speed. There are only so many times you can face taking last place in those sprints at school sports days,

michael sandler

Michael & Jessica barefoot running

and by the time I came across endurance running I had lost interest altogether.
For some perverse reason, the more ‘impossible’ it is deemed by specialists for me to run, the more I want to run. I’m just wired that way.

Unfortunately, my body has been siding with the specialists  up until this point Рgiving me absolute grief if I run for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. I was just starting to throw in the towel when I came across Michael Sandler from, who runs 10-20 miles a day despite having a near-death accident resulting in a titanium femur and hip!

The part that really grabbed me was the fact that he had issues running until he ditched the shoes and began barefoot running. I love this! I have been

rejecting shoes since I could walk, and here is Michael along with his partner, Jessica Lee, running in all extremes of weather and terrain without shoes. So I scoured his website, watched his videos, and bought the book. Having read it cover to cover fresh from the mailbox, I am two days in with my barefoot training and I LOVE it already – it feels like pure freedom!

ceramic knivesOkay, so now the knives. This is a much shorter story (I hope). Being that I love fresh food, I also love great kitchen knives. Today, a set of two ceramic knives that my husband scored for $30 (down from something like $180) arrived at our door. Ceramic is great because it stays impeccably sharp, doesn’t cause the fruit & veg to oxidise, and anyone can cut wafer-thin slices like a professional. The downside is that if you drop a ceramic knife, it is almost certain to break.

Tonight I started making a simple salad. First chopping some cherry tomatoes…yeah, that was awesome. Okay, so now half a telegraph cucumber…oh my goodness, I need to chop more! A red capsicum next…but now I want to chop some fruit, so into the salad go chopped strawberries, pear, and fresh spearmint. I then slice effortlessly and perfectly through a lime and squeeze the juice of half onto the salad as a dressing, further slicing the other half into perfect thin circles to turn into twisty decorative additions to each bowl. My only regret about the ceramic knives is that we didn’t get on to buying them sooner…and yes, the salad was delicious!



2 thoughts on “Bare Feet and Knives!

  1. I’ll be interested to know how you go with the barefoot running, Meg, from what I can tell the running community is quite divided on it. Have you seen the Vibram Five Fingers? Barefoot shoes! I’d love to give them a go, as truly barefoot I’d be worried about cutting my feet. The owner/coach/physio at the running store I get my shoes from, is quite keen on minimal/barefoot running but he reckons you need to build up the strength gradually as it uses different muscles, i.e. I can run half-marathons but it wouldn’t be a good idea to go straight from running 21km in shoes to running it barefoot, I’d have to start doing some of my shorter training runs barefoot/in minimal shoes first.

    If you’re only starting running though, you’d obviously be building gradually anyway. I hope it works out for you, I looove running.

  2. Yeah, I think that barefoot running has divided people for a while – I tried to get into it in 2005 but couldn’t find many resources for people with injuries. Bought some Vibram Five Fingers in 2006, but had to return them as my toes were/are too long! They are awesome, but your foot has to be pretty average in size and shape for them to work out well.

    Totally agree regarding the different muscles used for running (or walking) in shoes when compared with barefoot style – explains why I HATE wearing shoes and find it quite a task too. Even long-term athletes have to start from scratch with barefoot running (could be why many throw it in?), so definitely a bonus to be starting out in the first place.

    I have been getting around barefoot as often as possible for a good 38 years now and while urban environments pose more litter and glass hazards, I have only got it in my feet a few times – more often than not I have stood on glass (or other sharp objects) and found that it dropped away without piercing the skin because the pads are quite resilient.

    Great to have your feedback – you are most inspiring, wonderful to see you going from strength to strength! x

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