Tea of the Week: Imperial Oolong

Each week we will be featuring one of our teas or infusions, and this tea will be available to sample up at our store during the week that it is featured. I’m going to start the ball rolling with a tea that I brewed up the other day whilst packing and sorting things out at the old space, Imperial Oolong.

imperial oolong tea

I needed something to give me an extra clarity to my thoughts and pick up my energy, without being a strictly therapeutic blend, and this gorgeous fragrant oolong combination was just perfect! The name of this tea is derived from the fact that it was once reserved for members of the imperial court in China. Used to sharpen the mind, balance body energies and improve voice quality, this blend layers ginseng-infused oolong with golden osmanthus flowers, ginseng flowers, and jasmine buds creating a complex flavour which is both light and sweet. You only need half a teaspoon per cup, and you can re-brew this blend 2-3 times.

tea potOolong varieties have an addictive flavour and aroma, and have gained a lot of popularity recently due to their reputation for skin toning, weight balancing, and digestive regulation. Oolong is partially fermented and comes in either bead shapes, where each leaf is twisted tightly, or in strip shapes, where the leaves are loosely twirled. Imperial Oolong is based on the bead-shaped rolled leaves.



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