18 Uses for Dr. Bronner’s Soaps!

Dr Bronner’s castile soaps claim to have “18-in-1 uses”, and we often get asked just what these are. We have asked the manufacturers, done some experimenting ourselves and come up with the following list:

Dr Bronners Liquid Soaps

Dilute one part liquid castile soap to two parts of water and massage into skin as a shaving lubricant.

Wet hair thoroughly and massage a small amount of liquid castile soap into your hands until a lather forms. Wash hair and rinse well.

Put a single drop on your toothbrush (almond, peppermint, and citrus are nice flavours to use) and brush and rinse as per usual. This is great for sensitive teeth and gums, and will also clean dentures effectively.

Wet skin and massage a small amount onto a cloth, loofah or sponge then wash and exfoliate at the same time. You can also just apply directly to the skin – you only need a tiny amount!

For facial packs, scalp and soothing body rub, add a dash of liquid castile soap on a bath towel in sink of hot water. Wring the towel out and place it over the face & scalp. Massage with your fingertips. Repeat on each area of the body until the arms, legs & entire body have been massaged (using light strokes towards the heart.) Rinse the towel in plain hot water and massage again. Breathe deeply! Choose whichever scent makes your heart sing.

Add a squirt to a bath tub of water at the beginning for bubbles, or after the bath has been drawn for a relaxing soak without bubbles. Rose is a divine fragrance for this use.

Add 1-2ml (0.05 fl oz) to a spray bottle of water (125ml/4.2 fl oz) along with a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt for best results. Rose, Citrus, Lavender or Tea Tree are effective – or just choose whichever scent appeals from the range of eight!

One or two drops in a spray bottle containing 50-125ml (1.7-4.2 fl oz) of distilled water helps to keep the breath fresh and prevent unhealthy bacteria from thriving in the gums and between the teeth. Peppermint, tea-tree, eucalyptus or citrus are great choices.

Add 1 drop to a shot glass of water, swish and rinse. Peppermint, tea-tree, eucalyptus or citrus are great choices.

Add a drop or two to a wet washcloth, or a couple of drops to the bathwater. Baby Mild is ideal as it is completely natural and fragrance-free.

One or two drops in a spray bottle containing 50-125ml (1.7-4.2 fl oz) of distilled water helps to invigorate the skin and prevent shaving rash. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Tea Tree work well, or Baby Mild for sensitive skins.

Dilute anywhere from 1 part castile soap to 4 parts water through to 1:1. You can also use the full strength soap with a foaming dispenser. Any scent is ideal for this application.

Add a tablespoon (15ml/0.5 fl oz) to a foot bath and relax! Peppermint is a great choice for hard or cracked heels, or use Tea Tree if fungal infections are a concern.

For the laundry, use 1/4 cup (62.5ml) for top-loading machines (1/8 cup for front loaders – 31.3ml); adjust as needed depending on hardness of water. Adding a dash of baking soda may also help. Great for nappy washing, as it is all natural and won’t contribute to nappy-rash. Also delicate enough to use for hand wash items, such as silks and wool. Any scent works well, or unscented if you prefer.

Wet the coat of your pet thoroughly first then apply the liquid castile soap by massaging a small amount in your hands first until a lather is formed, then washing the hair/fur and rinsing clean afterwards. Can also be added to the wash water for ease of use (one squirt is plenty). Choose a stronger scent to help deter fleas and ticks, or Baby Mild if your pet has very sensitive skin.

Fill the sink with water and add a squirt of liquid castile soap to remove most chemical residues from fruit and vegetables. Baby Mild (unscented) is the best choice.

Use 1-2 tablespoons/about 23ml per litre (0.7 fl oz per quart) of water in a spray bottle for garden pests (4-6 tablespoons per gallon). Citrus, Lavender, or Baby Mild work well.

Dilute from one part soap into 40 parts water for light cleaning, to 1:1 or full strength for heavy-duty grease-dissolving jobs. Lavender, Citrus, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree work well – although Almond, Rose and Baby Mild are also great choices if you prefer those scents in your house (almond is a favourite around here – it smells just like marzipan!).

What is Castile Soap?

In earlier centuries, an all-vegetable based soap was made in the Castile region of Spain from local olive oil. By the turn of this century, “Castile” had come to mean any vegetable oil-based soap, versus animal (tallow) fat-based soap.

“Pure-Castile” is now also your guarantee that what you are using is a real ecological and simple soap, not a complex blend of detergents with a higher ecological impact due to the waste stream during manufacture and slower biodegradability. Unfortunately, many synthetic detergent blends are deceptively labeled as “Liquid Soap” even when they contain absolutely no soap whatsoever.

Dr Bronner’s soaps are 100% true pure-castile soaps. The high foaming lather of these soaps is from their high coconut oil content, which makes a more luxurious and rich lather than any detergent can ever create. The ingredients are certified organic, fair trade and 100% vegan using no detergents, foaming agents or animal testing. They are packaged using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soaps are available in 8 different scents: Rose, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Citrus, Almond, Lavender, Peppermint, and Baby Mild (unscented).

Ingredients: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut and Olive Oils (retaining natural glycerin content), Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, may also contain organic essential oils.

Water, Saponfied Organic Coconut and Olive Oils (retaining natural glycerin content), Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E.

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  2. I bought a bottle years ago for use on my delicates; however, I tried it today with a little bit of aloe vera gel as a toothpaste. I can’t believe how clean and fresh my teeth feel! This is amazing I don’t know if I will use traditional toothpaste again.

  3. Hi Laura – I’m pleased that you like the Dr Bronner’s as a tooth soap, I love it too. Great for gum health. Many people are a bit challenged by the idea of brushing their teeth with soap, so good on you for giving it a go! Which flavour/scent of soap did you use?

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    • Hi Nat – I don’t rinse it off, the solution for floors is so dilute that you don’t need to (about one part soap to 40 parts water works just fine – use a stronger ratio if you are needing to clean up something particularly dirty or greasy). Of course if you prefer to rinse with water after you have cleaned your floors, I know some people do, then go for it!

      • Hi Diamne – Whenever I have mentioned parts in terms of ratio, it simply means that whatever units of measurement you use need to be substituted into the formula.

        For example, in New Zealand we use ml (millilitres) or L (litres) – this means that 40 parts water to one part Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile could be 40ml of water to 1ml of liquid castile.

        If you wanted to double or triple the amount, you would simply use 80ml water to 2ml castile, or 120ml water to 3ml castile. In cases where the ratio needs to be smaller, say two parts water to one part liquid castile, you could use 2 cups of water to 1 cup castile, or one quart water to half a quart castle depending on how much you want to make.

        I hope this clarifies things somewhat for you 🙂

    • Hi there – Oh no! Fortunately I haven’t had this issue. I do back everything up daily, but unfortunately I’m not techy enough to give you any great ideas…your site looks great by the way 🙂

  5. so i bought my first castile soap today- I think lavender because I wasn’t sure which one to get 😦 anyways, so this is safe to put into your mouth – like for brushing teeth- if you accidently swallow a little it won’t hurt? The vitamin E must be edible type then?

    • Hi Jamie, It is difficult to choose which scent with such a range… I quite like the rose, the almond (reminds me of marzipan!), or the baby mild/unscented since it is quite versatile. This is most definitely food grade and safe for using in your mouth. So, yes – if you swallow a teensy bit when brushing your teeth, it won’t do you any harm 🙂 Next time, maybe try the peppermint for tooth brushing? You can get Dr Bronner’s in little travel-sized bottles now too – I saw them when I was in Melbourne recently – perfect for a toothpaste replacement!

      • So, if you somehow made bubbles with these, even if the bubbles got in your mouth, nothing bad would happen to you?

      • Hi Alex – I use this for brushing my teeth, since it is fine to have in the mouth. I wouldn’t want to swallow it though – not because it would cause harm, just because it would taste soapy! I hope this helps.

  6. This is the Best soap EVER! Originally I bought a bar of the baby mild to clean my dry body brush with, but upon noticing how natural it is, decided to use it for my body instead 😀
    I bought the liquid peppermint soap today and Im super excited to start using it for ,like, everything 😛 it’s nice to feel good about what your putting onto (and ultimately INto) your body 🙂

  7. My brother is suffering with stage 4 cancer. The thought of using a pinesol type or a bleach to keep his quarters clean is unheard of. With all his suffering to add a strong chemical smell to his room is torment . Dr Bronner’s soap cleans his room and his body, keeping him clean and comfortably breathing great smelling air. I wouldn’t use anything else. Don’t be afraid to use this fine product on your loved one, should they be ill. After visiting this page , I think I’ll be trying it on his dental care. My thoughts to anyone dealing with this dreadful illness.

    • Hi there – I also love the Tooth Soap range, specifically created for oral care. They have tooth soap shreds, liquid, gel, and whip in a huge range of flavours! These last for ages, in fact, there were only four different flavours and two types of product the last time I ordered and I am only just about to run out…cinnamon and spearmint are my favourites. http://toothsoap.com. Your brother is blessed to have you looking out for him.

  8. Would any of these soaps work to get rid of lice? My daughter’s been battling lice for a couple of months….NOTHING works medicated lice treatments, olive oil, etc.!!!! HELP!!!

    • Hi Kim, I haven’t actually tried Dr Bronner’s soaps for lice. To be honest, I’m not sure that they would kill the nits/eggs.

      The best method I have ever found for getting rid of lice and their eggs (short of shaving the head, which I’m sure your daughter is NOT keen on!), is to painstakingly go through the hair every day and remove each egg from the shaft of the hair using your fingers, then drop the egg/nit into a bowl of boiling water with a few drops of either tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil in it. When my kids bring home these creepy crawlies, I actually use a strap on head torch for my search if I am doing this at night time – which is usually the case! During the day, being out in good sunlight will help to to see the eggs, since they have a slight shine about them.

      For the adult lice, the most effective method seems to be to saturate the hair with conditioner (you can add a couple of drops of tea tree to this as well) and then use a special head lice comb to go through the hair and trap the adult lice – rinsing the comb in a bowl of boiling water as described earlier, then wiping it thoroughly with a cloth (or paper towel, which you can burn afterwards for extra protective measure) to remove any eggs or hangers on before you return the comb to the hair.

      Following these methods, wash the hair thoroughly – this is where the Dr Bronner’s soaps or shampoos would be useful – using the tea tree, peppermint, or eucalyptus soap. If you can source a neem based treatment, or prevention product, this is one herb that is fantastic at helping to kill and deter this annoying little parasite. You could even make your own neem rinse using the bark or leaves brewed as a strong tea to rinse the hair with following a wash.

      I hope that this helps – we have had more than our fair share of these little critters over the last 10 years or so too!

      • Here is a sure way to get rid of lice after having it in my house where I and two of my daughters had it. of course this has nothing to do with this awesome soap but this WILL work. Drowned and I mean drowned your hair scalp to tip in olive oil until you/they are dripping, and wrap your head snug, in a plastic or trash bag depending on how long the hair is and wear it as soon as you find them and it over night. This will cause the adults and nymphs to suffocate and drowned in the oil and kill them. Then wash (with DR Bonner’s?) and comb out your hair to get them out and allow you hair to be greasy for a few day. Lice don’t like it, I have done the research, lice love clean hair and will not lay eggs in anything cut too close to the scalp. As for the nits, rinse your hair in white vinegar, and comb them out with a nit or flea comb. The vinegar loosen the stuff the lice use to anchor the nit to the shaft of the hair. you may have to do this for how ever long it takes to get rid of the lice, but be sure that you douse the scalp with vinegar then comb. I did this with myself and girls and a friend’s whole family that caught lice a few years after us. It works, don’t use the stuff the Doc gives you its not safe its a poison designed to kill bugs, why would you want to put that on your kid? . Follow this method, you will NOT have a repeat out break. If your child has gotten them repeatedly before find a nice smelling hair oil to lightly coat the hair with when you brush it out daily. Again, lice HATE it! It works! best of luck God bless!

      • I don’t know how old this post is, but I wanted to respond. Lice is such nasty little creatures. When my children were younger, the thing I found that worked better than any of the other hundreds of treatment idea I tried,was coconut oil. It’s fabulous stuff, all natural, and gets rid of the live bugs and the nits. I seriously over killed the situation. I would treat my kids one day/night a week for a month. I have never had a re-occurrence of the nasty bugs again.

      • I’ve used mayonnaise to get rid of them in my house. I would totally freak out and put it thick in each person’s hair in the house, cover with a shower cap or bag tightly, uncomfortably sleep overnight like that, but while it was in everyone’s hair, we cleaned and dried everything. The next day we wash it all out , which takes a couple washes, then did a comb through. I only had it bad once on one of my kids head and this worked and I never had to put it on again. Just recently I learned of diatomaceous earth. This can be applied like a powder through the scalp. Leave on over night, wash, and repeat for a couple weeks until all eggs hatch. Food grade DE can be bought at farm supply stores. Only use food grade! Follow this with coconut oil to moisturize the scalp and any small skin irritations from this treatment. Food grade only is completely safe to use on pets for fleas, on your hair for lice, around your house for anything from ants and spiders to roaches and bed bugs. DE and coconut oil are both amazing products. Dr bronners soap is amazing… It’s so amazing that if you have long hair especially and use it for shampoo, it will be so clean that you will need a detangler out what I’ve found is Apple cider vinegar with the mother in it works as a conditioner… Regular acv will not work… Just dry your hair to get rid of the smell.

        I personally use warm hemp oil for for treatment of scalp psoriasis, wash it out with Dr bronners baby unscented soap, and condition with Apple cider vinegar. I use the soap and acv daily… The oil I do when It flares up.

        Sry to throw all this on here, I just like to pass on the help to others as I had to learn cheap and safe ways to raise 3 girls on only one income. It can really make you do your research being Broke lol

  9. thanks so much for posting this, I have been looking for something to replace a lot of toxic chemicals in my home for a few days now, and thanks to this page, I’m ready to throw all that stuff away and get some Dr. Bronner’s. I’ll probably go with the peppermint and lavender. Thanks again for posting!!

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  11. You can use mayonnaise on the hair to suffocate the head lice use as much as possible coat the hair, then put a shower cap over the hair let stay on hair for 8 hrs. Wash out with the peppermint as shampoo form, get a baby fine hair comb put tea tree oil in small spray bottle and comb out all nits. This is the best way to rid your child of lice.

    • Mayonnaise!! I’ve heard this works. I’m thinking the glue (or whatever it’s called) sealing the nit to the hair won’t work on oily, slippery hair. So if it’s the OILS in the mayo it becomes ipso facto all oils Olive, Cocoanut, vegetable — will do the trick. Your intuition will guide you on how many nights the hair is soaked thusly and wrapped in plastic. Nit comb is needed, of course.

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  14. My best use, or suggestion for the tea tree castile soap is on my yoga mat. I attend hot yoga 3-4 days a week, and I spray this on my yoga towel and mat before rolling it up. When I unroll, it smells so fresh. Bathing my dog with it is my next best use. It’s good for lots of things. –

    • Hi cindy! just wondering, what is the dilution you’re using to clean your mat like this? how many parts dr. bronner’s to water? 🙂 i have recently gone back to hot yoga but quickly realized i need to find a good way to clean / sanitize my mat! thanks so much for your help 🙂

  15. I’ve been using Dr bronners soap for about a year now, and i love it, but didn’t realize the different uses. I’ve only been using it as a body wash and shampoo. I just wanted to know if it would be safe for me to use as mouthwash or dental cleaning when pregnant.

      • The Baby Mild is a wonderful suggestion. Research has suggested that peppermint products can reduce or may even stop milk supply. If breastfeeding I don’t know if any other infused oil in these can harm it. But I thought it was important to share. With DD I had wonderful milk supply didn’t try because I had a stressed and overloaded feeling of life wish I had. Mostly because when I had DS I did try breastfeeding and could not produce enough milk to sustain him without use of formula. He had trouble latching so I used a breast pump. The most I ever got was 2 oz. Hope this helps someone.

  16. I bought this to use as a body wash. Can i use this safely on all my sensitive areas, such as vagina and anus? Or am I in for a lot of hurt?

    • Yes you can, however, I would recommend to stay away from the stronger scents (peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus), as these can be a bit too strong for sensitive areas. Your best bet is to dilute the soap down – I use a foaming pump with mine and use a ratio of about 1 part Dr. Bronner’s to 3 or 4 parts water.

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  18. Hi I had my first experience with Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap back in 1995 when my cousin shared his many uses with me. I haven’t put it down since!

    • Hi Mark – The usual recommendation is about 6 tablespoons per gallon (23ml per litre) for using as a bug spray. You can also add in other pest-repellent plants to your brew, such as garlic, hot peppers, ginger, rhubarb leaves…that sort of thing. Good luck!

  19. Hello. I just bought the tea tree one, I was just wondering if its safe to clean a piercing and brush teeth with ?

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  21. the peppermint is ah-may-zing after any type of workout, which for me is hot yoga! i first discovered dr. bronner’s soaps when i first tried yoga a few years ago, and the studio had it in soap dispensers in the showers for customers to use…it cleanses your skin and makes it feel incredibly fresh…i feel like a walking peppermint afterward! 😀 very refreshing and invigorating, and yet the scent is relaxing and comforting at the same time. I am curious to try the Baby Mild for other uses…i didn’t know you could use dr. bronner’s for tooth care? I hope that this is enough to truly clean the bacteria and plaque that builds up on teeth??

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  23. I have just disvovered dr bronner soap . And i have chucked out all my cleaning products and i use this soap for most things. Its wonderfull.now i have discovered a few drops on a gentle scourer will get rid of limescale on my glass shower door .rub in with small amount ofwater ,rinse then shine up with clean dry cloth.i also clean my cooker the same way .tthe shine is amazing. ( i do not use it for the inside of cooker)and i use a micro cloth to shine it up.

  24. I am needing something that will kill off mold in my shower. I am hoping that is just worse in winter months, but this mess is so frustrating! I hate using cleaners with harsh chemicals, but it seems like that is all that is working 😦

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure that Dr. Bronner’s soap would help with killing off the mold. Have you tried sodium percarbonate powder? I find that to be very safe and effective, plus it also has a natural oxygen whitening action.

    • I keep one of those hollow handled dishwashing brushes in the shower filled with a mixture of white vinegar and Dr Bronners tea tree. It takes a while to kill the mould, but with regular use I’ve seen results and it seems to prevent it taking hold again. Seriously toxic stuff like Exit Mould will work a lot quicker, but I’d rather just take a little time to do it without all the caustic chemicals.

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  26. I found Dr.Bronners soap about a month ago, life saver- only way to describe their soaps. To the point, I was in the shower today, and I look up at my tea tree castile soap, and noticed that it said it was 3 times more concentrated than regular soap- I’ve been applying it directly to my face without diluting (only 3-4 drops), will this have any negative affects on my skin? Should I be diluting it, or can I keep applying it directly to my skin?

    • I have had no troubles using it directly on my skin, although I don’t use it on my face (personal preference – I just use water and/or oil to wash my face with). I bought a bunch of those foaming pump dispensers from a soap supplies company, and I find that diluting Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile at about 1 part to three or four parts water works really well – plus the soap lasts a lot longer!

    • I tend to err on the side of caution and use the unscented one with babies (it is also referred to as Baby Mild). The rose is likely quite safe too. They have a bunch of new scents available last time I looked, so it might be worth checking out whether any of the new ones are okay for you and your family.

      • Thank you! I will have to do try that. I really want to try one of the scented ones though! I read that Rose essential oil can be harmful if breastfeeding (I think). I guess I should also use unscented while nursing?

      • The amount of essential oil in the product would be so miniscule, that any research done on rose essential oil during breastfeeding likely wouldn’t apply to the rose castile soap. You could always use the rose soap for handwashing – I like to use it with with a foaming pump (you only need to fill about a quarter or less with the soap and the rest with water).

        I haven’t personally come across any research indicating that rose essential oil is a harmful ingredient during breastfeeding, and in fact we use rose petals in teas and preparations throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for babies in herbalism. Do let me know if you find the source of the information suggesting that it is harmful, as I would be interested to take a look!

      • Thank you! I’m thinking I misread the info about rose oil because I can’t find it anywhere! That’s good to know though, thank you!

  27. Could Marseille soap be used instead of castille soap? I understand they are very similar. Marseille soap is more available here in Belgium, since it comes from France 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Monica – I gather that Marseille soap is pretty much the same thing, so yes, I would imagine that you could use it in place of Castile soap. In fact, I have heard of castile soap being referred to as “savon de Marseille”, so that would suggest that you can go ahead and treat it as the same thing!

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  29. There are many scene of the Pure Castle Soap and would like to know what is best for “Ants” or others pest? My friend mention work on ants? but which scene?

    • Food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural fossil powder you can get from farm stores. This powder is amazing for ants and other crawling pests with an exoskeleton. It is safe around children and pets also. Many farmers use it to deworm their animals meaning it’s edible btw, and they put it in the animals being and food to deter bugs. Also they use it on crops. I have even seen it kill those nasty Asian beetles. Put some DE in a vacuum bag, vacuum up a bunch of those stinky bugs and let them sit. I always am really extra cautious and put a bag over all openings of my vacuum for the night when I do that and I dunno the next day.

    • From what I understand – yes, you can. Dr Bronner recommended an overnight soak in a glass of water with a few drops of liquid castile soap, then brush as per usual with one drop of the soap. Peppermint is popular for any dental cleaning, although you might find you prefer another flavour!

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      • I have used it as a dish soap many times in a pinch, it worked great… but it would be really expensive to use as a dish soap regularly. I also reuse my old foaming hand soap bottles with DB. I just put about a teaspoon and fill the rest with water. Then shake it up.
        I have been using DB on the regular since I was a teen in the 1980s. Lavender and tea tree are my favorites. I also use Sal Suds, although it is a bit harder to find.
        It has been a very long time since this was posted, but I had a bout with lice brought home by my daughter and I second the olive oil. I used it with a head wrap and they literally jumped off into the towel. My husband followed up with a battery operated nit comb. It zapped the few that we’re still alive and pulled out the eggs. We did it again a bit later to make sure nothing was missed. I did the same thing to a friend using coconut oil and had the same results.
        Coconut oil is a natural solvent, so it melts their exoskeleton.

    • I use a few drops in my front loader along with a powder I make using sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, and sodium percarbonate. It works like a dream! I’m not sure if you could use just Dr Bronner’s castile soap on its own, but they do have a specific product now called Sal Suds that is recommended for laundry. Here is a link to the product: https://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/category/SALSUDSCLEANER.html. It does list sodium laurel sulphate as an ingredient, which something I avoid and is not in the castile soaps. Definitely worth investigating further…

      • I use tea tree in my front loading washer and then I put lavender on my wool dryer balls and we have great laundry!!

  31. I’m trying to make a product involving this, and edible bubbles. So, if you somehow made bubbles with these, could you eat the bubbles (while they’re flying around in the air) without having bad things happen to you?

    • Hi Alex – Further to my other response, this isn’t a foamy/bubbly soap, so I’m not sure if it would work well as a bubble mixture component…but it would certainly be worth a try as it is very mild and safe.

  32. Hi, I am making a recipe for diaper wipes that calls for castile soap and tea tree oil, so I picked up the Dr, Bronner’s tea tree oil version. Do you think with using the tea tree oil version of the soap I could nix adding the actual oil to the recipe? Thanks for any input I’ve found this site very helpful.

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    • To be honest, I have never used their bar soap – I would imagine that you could if you wanted to. I do find that a little goes a long way with their liquid castile soap.

  34. hi,
    I just bought the soup some hours ago. I have some black spots in my face. Can this help and also how long do I need to leave the foam on my face or body before washing off?

    • You shouldn’t need to leave it on long at all, 30 seconds or so. With black spots on the face, it may be that you would be better treating the issue internally rather than using topical treatments alone.

  35. Hi I was wonder. I haven’t tried it b yet but I have Nasal colonized MRSA contracted on the hospital, and I also have some acne ossue. Since contrasting the MRSA everytime I start to get a little bit of an acne breakout it’s exacerbated exponentially from the MRSA getting irritated and I’m wondering if this is soap that might be able to help me find some relief with that so I don’t turn into a giant sore every time I get a little bit of a pimple abd my MRSA gets pissed off? 🙁

    • Perhaps – Manuka Honey with a decent UMF rating (15-20+) has been shown in studies to perform well when it comes to MRSA. If you are based in the US, you could also try Dr. Christopher’s X-Ceptic preparation, that stuff is amazing and I have successfully used it for all sorts of infections that my clients present with!

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  42. I started using DR. Bronner’s peppermint soap to bathe at least 20 years ago. I was having frequent UTIs. My daughter told me that she was doing this and no more infections. Her friend does also and recommended it to her. So I tried it. The only UTI I have had since is when I went on a 5 day trip and forgot to take my small bottle that I usually travel with. I actually had to go to a Dr. in Memphis, it was so uncomfortable. I have recommended it to several. Some are skeptic, but the couple ladies who used it have thanked me since. I have no other soap in my bathrooms. I came to this site to order, because our local GNC store is closed for remodeling, and mine is running low. I have been wanting to share it on the internet, glad I came here.

  43. I use this soap to clean my leather coats! It works wonderfully. I will use a tablespoon to a bucket of water, soak the coat for about 10 minutes and then rinse. I use the spin cycle on the washer to get the water out and let air dry. No more odors, all cleaned up!

    • Hi there! While I can’t guarantee that it will help you, I can let you know that this has helped me personally with contact dermatitis (both treatment and prevention) and I know of many others who have shared their success with a number of skin conditions, including contact dermatitis. To be on the safe side, I would suggest using the unscented soap.

  44. For all you painters out there” nothing cleans oil paint from artist’s brushes than this soap. It also leaves the brushes soft. I use the bar soap. I use terps to initially free the paint and follow with the bar to get the bristles totally rid of the oil paint.

  45. Hi, I want to know if the rose scent is best for washing the face. Or what soap is best fo acne in their brand.

    • Rose is lovely for the face – if there are any sensitivity concerns, then the natural unscented is a good first option. Tea tree is often used to help with acne as it keeps the bacteria responsible in check, but can be quite strong for some people.

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    • If you have a recipe that requires any form of liquid soap component then this would certainly be a suitable ingredient. I do carry a small bottle of the pure castile with me to use whenever I am outside of my work or home since my skin tends to be aggravated by commercial and industrial or highly perfumed and coloured soaps available in most places.

    • I would personally find peppermint a bit strong and stimulating for the face – but each to their own! I tend to go for unscented or rose – soothing and mild – when it comes to using products like this on your face.

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