Environmental Packaging and Fill

Packaging and fill for the postage of items can be an environmental nightmare for many businesses. We get around this by reusing all packaging and fill that we receive with any goods, and repurposing large boxes (which is why our cardboard packaging can often look very…homemade, and may or may not have been decorated by a child in the meantime!), or utilising the small boxes from the packaging area in Bunnings (except the ones that have previously housed chemicals). Our suppliers are also environmentally aware, so the packing chips are no longer polystyrene, but are instead manufactured from rice and are completely compostable.

Unfortunately many people are still using the conventional bubble wrap, so we reuse that and encourage you to do so too in order to keep it out of the landfill. There is a biodegradable version which is pale green in colour, so if you see bubble wrap with a green tint, you know that it is the good stuff! For anyone wishing to purchase bubblewrap for any reason, we encourage you to seek this option out (I have seen it on the shelves at Officeworks).

I would also like to share a TED talk recently emailed to me by a friend, where Eben Bayer discusses the role of mushrooms in packaging for the future:

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