The Best Chocolate Ever! (and other delights…)

sour cherry acai chocolate

Once again I have been neglecting my blog, but for good reason! I have been busy stocking the shelves with gorgeous new products from Loving Earth, including a brand new flavour of chocolate…Sour Cherry and AcaiRaw Dark Chocolate – I think this is the best one yet. The sour cherry and acai beautifully compliment the bittersweet flavour of the dark chocolate. Divine!

deluxe buckinis

Other new products include Raw Organic White Mulberries, Caramelised and Deluxe Buckinis (a gluten-free nutrient dense snack food), Raw Organic Curry Broccoli Bites, Raw Organic Black, Red & Green olives, a range of superfood powders – Camu camu, Purple corn extract, and Wildcrafted Gubinge (West Australian Kakadu Plum – all profits Loving Earth receive from the sale of this product are sent back to the Nyul Nyul community in the Kimberleys.) We also have glorious Activated Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seeds and Sulphite-Free Organic Fine Coconut, which is dried at low temperatures to maximise the nutrient benefits.



2 thoughts on “The Best Chocolate Ever! (and other delights…)

  1. Too tempting! Just ordered some. 🙂

    BTW, I’m having trouble getting the store to display properly for me using Google Chrome. The menu down the side doesn’t show up, might be an error in the code somewhere.

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