A Life Less Extraordinary

It has been a whole week since my last blog post – Melissa’s massage was exactly what I needed to jump start my body and mind into action and it has been a busy week since!

Although my week has been busy, most of the things we do are centred around the home. This got me thinking about how important it is for each of us to have somewhere as a home base. It doesn’t need to be a house, or even a structure at all – just somewhere that we can be and feel like we are ‘home’.

favourite spot

A favourite spot for cats and children in our garden

The concept of home is often played down in our culture – we are busy living our fast-paced lives and doing our best to keep up with an ideal lifestyle offered to us at every opportunity. Career success, internet fame (or infamy!), and reality television exposure are all common goals for the new generation. The ordinary pleasures of creating a meal entirely grown from your own garden, enjoying the company of friends gathered together for a pot-luck dinner, or simply relaxing in a comfy chair with a book and cup of tea, are all too often overlooked.

Home is important to me personally, as our children were home-birthed, now they are educated at home, and we also run our business from our home. Does this mean that our home is a finely tuned machine with everything perfectly organised and tidy? Very rarely. There are certain areas we each enjoy in the house – the areas which hold importance to us. My tea room is always well cared for and lit with the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp. I find this space inspiring, calming, and nurturing. I also have a number of spaces in the garden where I have placed stones, old wooden seats, and wonderfully scented herbs and flowers so that I have other places where I can tap into this energy.

So, no matter how busy you are, or how chaotic your house gets, it is essential that your house is more than just another demand on your time and wallet…

Is there a favourite corner where the light hits the wall just so at 3pm each day? A spot where you can hear the birds heralding the start of the new day? Or a space in the garden where you can feel truly alive? Focus on these areas of your home and surroundings, make them yours using cushions, decorations, a stone spiral, whatever appeals to your senses, and ensure that this one spot (or more!)  in your home are ready to nurture and regenerate you at a moments notice. The dishes can wait!


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