Nurturing Body & Soul

Yesterday I had the privilege of experiencing a blissful bodywork session at the hands of Melissa Prince from Inspired Mind Body Soul. I have had many bodywork sessions from Melissa in the past and every time I marvel at how she intuitively communciates with my body.

I decided on a 90 minute session with a focus on moving the lymph and releasing stored energies and toxins. In basic terms, lymph flows through the body and toxins are filtered via the lymph nodes. These nodes produce white blood cells (leukocytes) which manufacture antibodies in order to destroy the foreign particles. The clean filtered fluid is then returned to the blood. Lymphatic massage is a fantastic way to help stimulate the flow of lymph towards the nodes, where it can be filtered out.

Today I am acutely aware of the energy flow throughout my body, and can feel a profound shift in my whole being. Thank you Melissa! Check out Melissa’s website here if you are in Perth and wish to experience soulwork and/or bodywork from a woman who shines and sparkles like no other.

Spring Workshop

Click here for more details on this workshop

Coming up soon is a Spring workshop run by Melissa, an Introduction to Using Guidance Cards for self discovery and healing. The workshop is only $55 and takes place in Greenmount on Sunday 10th October at 9:50am. Contact Melissa by emailing or phoning 0409-922 998 to book your place.


One thought on “Nurturing Body & Soul

  1. I too have been privilaged to be nurtured by Melissa Prince. Throughout my pregnancy Melissa massage my body helping me enjoy such an amazing time of my life. Her knowledge and intuition on just what I (and bubs 🙂 ) needed was priceless. A big thank you to Melissa for making my “special time” even more special and enjoyable.

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