Smoothie of the Day

Today’s smoothie is definitely one best reserved for blenders that can really do the job! It will work well in machines 1400W or more, and if you are not too fussy about textures, you can certainly attempt it with 1000W or less. It may also work well with a stick blender. I have used some of my favourite smoothie herbs in this one: spearmint, fennel, dill, and chickweed. Do leave the chickweed out if you are working with 800-1000W since these blenders are unable to blend the stalks efficiently, and texture-wise the result is something like adding a handful of hair to your smoothie!


The recipe:

one large pear (or 2 small)

the water and flesh of a young coconut

6 large spinach leaves

3 x 10-15cm shoots of mint

small handful of fresh chickweed

3 small shoots of fennel

3 small shoots of dill

First of all, you will need to open the young coconut. I am going to include a youtube video on how to do this, since there are so many different ways to get into these treasures, and this is by far the most simple:

Once you have your young coconut open, pour the liquid into the blender on top of the other ingredients, scoop out the flesh and add it as well, then give it a good minute or so on high speed once the ingredients are combined. You may need to add a little water, depending on the age of your coconut,  but I generally find that the liquid in one young coconut is more than enough for a smoothie. Young green (or immature) coconuts are widely available in Australia from Asian grocery stores and some supermarkets. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2 through to about $4 each.


The resulting smoothie is heavenly – silky smooth, soothing on the palate, and with a flavour which is both delicate and complex. Simply add another pear to the ingredients if you would prefer a sweeter smoothie, and if you aren’t sure about the chickweed, then leave it out. It has a certain ‘nutritious greens’ taste to it, and as I said earlier…unless blended properly, it may just put you off consuming this wonderful herb for life!


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