Smoothie of the Day

Okay, so I collected some juicy leaves from the cos lettuce in my garden (I tend to just use the outer leaves when I require them rather than harvesting the whole plant) intending to make a light, sweet version of the green smoothie for those of you who find the concept of blended greens a little challenging. Since we had a lovely large punnet of strawberries from yesterday I figured that I would use those…unfortunately the 2 year old had claimed (and eaten) the strawberries before anyone else was out of bed! A wonderful opportunity to share a recipe for a savoury green smoothie, since I was chatting with a friend on Thursday who likes the idea of green smoothies, but is not keen on sweet foods.

savoury greens

I gathered a variety of herbs, since I love using herbs for extra flavour and their beneficial properties in smoothies, particularly when you are working with savoury flavours. Along with 6 large cos leaves, a Lebanese cucumber and a punnet of cherry tomatoes (we don’t have these ready in our garden yet!), I chose mint, two varieties of parsley (flat leaf and curly), and holy basil (Ocimum sanctum – also known as Tulsi and Sacred Basil). You can read more about the benefits and uses of holy basil on our website, here.

garlicI also couldn’t resist using some of the glorious garlic that was in my delivery box from Mr Organic. To get an idea of the incredible garlic clovesize of this magical plant, I had to take this photo of a single clove as well (and my hands are not small!). Now raw garlic is certainly not for everyone, and since this was a smoothie to share, I just used one slice in my blend.

Here is the final recipe for today’s smoothie:

1 Lebanese cucumber

1 punnet of organic cherry tomatoes

1 slice of garlic

6 large cos leaves

3 sprigs of mint

a bunch of parsley (mostly flat leaf, with a couple of sprigs of curly)

2 sprigs of holy basil

a dash of cayenne pepper

the juice of half a lime

1-2 cups of water

Placing the ingredients in the blender in the order of the recipe, you will then need to blend it all together for around a minute. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos work well if you want to create a smoothie that tastes a little like a raw version of the virgin Bloody Mary cocktail. They are available from most health stores and some supermarkets. You can also halve the water and add a cup of ice if you wish. Cold foods can impact on the digestive process, so I prefer to take most of my foods at room temperature, but I do find that when summer arrives in Perth I tend to make at least one icy cold drink to survive the heat!



5 thoughts on “Smoothie of the Day

  1. Hi I love this I new blog you got going Megan your smoothies look awesome & I love how natural everything looks. Hey have just planted some seeds and I already have a pot of Rocket seedlings. I have also planted oregano and thyme both of which I’m going to have spare seedlings of so let me know if you would like some lease let me know.


    • Thanks Kylie! Great to hear about your seeds and seedlings doing well. I had to weed out quite a bit of rocket recently because it had self seeded throughout one of my vege beds…or so I though until I realised that it was all of my radish seeds sprouting…oops!

  2. Hi Meg,

    I just made the best Hommus ever :

    1 can of chickpeas
    1tsp of Garlic
    1tsp 0f lemon rind
    2tsp of lemon or lime juice
    1tsp of Oregano
    1tsp of Ginger
    water to form paste


    First time I’ve eveer made Hommus 🙂

  3. Sounds lovely! I suppose it is too much to hope that it might be Dipaunka’s secret recipe…

    With my Mum being allergic to garlic, I have become the master of making garlic-free versions, and often forget to put it in even when I’m making it for us 🙂

  4. No not Dipaunks reciepe but one I found in my well read Veggie cook book 🙂 I know this is proberly the wrong page for this but oh well. I had awesome day assisting with the putting up Dipaunks Tipi at his place in Giddgie, we also painted the skirt for the inside of it I loved it 🙂 A really earthy witchie day xxx

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