Smoothie of the Day

My smoothie this morning consisted of abundant garden greens and the last of the fruit before my organic fruit & veg delivery arrives today…basically a using up stuff kind of smoothie.

The greens consisted of lettuce (I’m not sure of the variety, I have so many in my garden that I’m not sure which one is which any more!), English spinach, fresh nettles, and mint.


The fruits I found were kiwifruit, banana, and the juice of a whole lemon.


So the basic recipe for today’s smoothie is:

1 banana (broken into smaller pieces)

1 kiwifruit (chopped into quarters, skin on)

1/2 of a small lettuce

6 large spinach leaves

2 x 15cm shoots of nettle

1 x 15cm shoot of spearmint

juice of a whole lemon

1-2 cups of water

Place the ingredients in the blender in the order they are listed. I use organic and home-grown produce, so I don’t need to remove the skins from most fruits (except bananas, citrus and the like!), but if you are unable to source organic or spray-free produce then remove the skins of apples, pears, kiwifruit etc. since the chemicals collect in the most concentrated amounts just under the skin. This is also where there is an abundance of nutrients stored – just another reason to go organic!

Blend for about a minute – this may take longer depending on your blender. Sunbeam cafe series (1400W or 2000W) is a great blender in a relatively affordable price range (around $250AUD), although if you are using a blender a lot it is worth investing in something more heavy duty such as the Vitamix ($1050AUD from Raw Pleasure). Worth every dollar, and I know of many people who have been using their Vitamix regularly for over 30 years without any problems.


Pour into a long tall glass and enjoy! This recipe makes about 750ml, so if you are just starting into the world of the green smoothie, then it will make enough for a family of four to share a small glass each.

If the idea of a green smoothie is a little intimidating or scary, then by all means use less greens and more fruit for starters until you get used to the greener of the green smoothies. This is my favourite way to get my daily greens, and the best part is that it tastes just like a fruit smoothie – the green flavour does not dominate at all. For a more comprehensive guide to green smoothies, check out Victoria Boutenko’s book, Green For Life.


2 thoughts on “Smoothie of the Day

  1. Thank the universe you are doing this!! You are the BEST! Miss you heaps and we must catch up soonest! Lots of love and light and warmth, Claire xxx

    • So thrilled that you got the chance to have a wee look Claire – I think of you often and we are long overdue for a catch up. You should come around one day and we can sit in the garden drinking nettle smoothies!

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